Maria Mey



from the city of Seville, placed in Ireland.

Since I’m here, I have been developing my Art Skills in drawing and painting mostly, even starting in Digital Art as another way to design new products or even to finish my traditional Art.

I hope you like this website, where you will be able to see all the best I can offer since I learnt it in College until nowadays as a freelance.


I’ve got several layers like an onion or a parfait


Designing Tattoos part 2

2018 was the year I did most of the "design" jobs. After the first part that I did not get ...
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Conservation Letterfrack

I feel like since the moment I started this job I just got immerse into the many projects we got ...
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Once upon a time in Seville’s Cathedral

Back in 2010, during my 4th year of college I was lucky to be within these walls, even if it ...
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