Maria Mey

About me

Art is about finding a way to express yourself in a place where you feel in peace and calm. That way, creativity will find a way to raise if you are open to it.This is the personal space of a adult girl who came to build a new life in Ireland, country where she started to be amazed by all the places she was getting to know.

Before coming here I was raised in Seville (Spain) where I studied my bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts with an specialisation in Restoration and Conservation of the Heritage the last three years. Since then I have been studying and working to be a Conservator – Restorer most of the time, leaving behind my artistic side in the meanwhile… until I got involved in a company group in order to create our personal crafts and customized products for about three years. This company allowed me to develop my Photography and Design skills and to start working in Marketing.

It was interesting either to build new sides of myself with that company or knowing all the ways to protect our heritage from the damages of time (and human contact) but still it was really hard to find a chance without English as a second language, so I decided to invest on that after finishing all my practices and jobs in Spain to come to Ireland the January 8th, in 2016.

Since I’m here, I have been developing my Art Skills in drawing and painting mostly, even starting in Digital Art as another way to design new products or even as a way to finish my traditional Art.

But of course, Conservation is always something that goes along the way with me in a way or another. It’s my personal approach to Art, now in Ireland since the moment I started living here.

I hope you like this website, where you will be able to see all the best I can offer since I learnt it in College until nowadays as a freelance.