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I feel like since the moment I started this job I just got immerse into the many projects we got involved in. I lived everyday with so much intensity that I forgot about creating anything else. My daily life was basically research, work (and a bit of gym in order to get fit to work better and don’t get crazy).

As I had a confidential commitment to not tell about some clients or projects I could not share much about anything I was making.

Now that some of them are long finished I can give a glance of the experiences I had with this company and lovely people I worked with.

First of all, a quick introduction to Furniture Restoration, which was the main job to do:

Second of all and my favourite part of this job: Work on site! This always was a real adventure 🙂

Our duty would be really varied, like getting the place ready for an exhibition or taking care of furniture collections and related objects before being delivered to other historical houses.

Quick jobs on Kylemore Abbey in Connemara
Doneraile House
Conservation of the Ceiling
Waxing the floor
Conservation on Furniture collection before transit on Killadoon House

Newbridge House Curiosities Collection


But the work on big collections took most of my time at the workshop. They were such beautiful projects to undertake from the beginning until the final look before getting into the museum. Despite the chance that I would get bored of a repetitive treatment on my own, I really got into like them so much that I missed them when they had to go back. They were also really unusual pieces that would give me a lot of lovely surprises and challenges.

Corrosion removal

Cleaning by hand
Visual Catalogue on Collection
Stabilisation treatment


It’s been a period of seven intense months that it’s impossible to show in detail on a post like these but this way you can have a “short overview” of what it was like.

This job gave me a lot of joy, experience on company work and Collection Care. Being part of this team I had the opportunity to see inside historical houses that I wouldn’t be able to see otherwise. And I feel really fortunate because of that. Challenges bring always something new about ourselves that it’s good to discover.

Now that the year is ending, it’s the time to do an evaluation about the good things that we got from it and how much we matured. What are we grateful for and what else are we able to get this new year coming?

Would you share it with me? 🙂


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