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Introduction to C+R at the GMIT Castlebar



Before my experience in Conservation Letterfrack ended I got this amazing proposition to organise a “workshop” for students of Art at the GMIT in Castlebar, the town next to mine. The date would be the 22nd of January 2020.

So I planned an Introduction to Preventive Care and Conservation in order to give the students an idea of what my career is and how to preserve our Heritage from and “artist’s” point of view.

As the Code of Conduct would not allow to go further on my knowledge about how to conserve an object (see the case of Ecce Homo in Spain for references), I could although give them advice about how to create their Art in order to last longer.

It was also important for them to know all the causes of deterioration and the extreme situations that might cause the loss of our Cultural Heritage.  This way they would get an special sensitivity to care further about objects, being able to realise which techniques and materials used in a good or bad way would create a certain kind of alteration in the future.


  • The students understood that their actions on their Art have consequences in the future so they enquired about how to create in a better way.
  • They learnt how to identify a Conservation treatment from a Restoration one being given real examples.
  • They got the ability to analyse simple causes of damages on real objects.


It was an amazing experience for me and them, and I hope is not the first time I get to do it.


Until the next special event!


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