Maria Mey

Neill O’Nell Mayo News Creativity Awards


This year I am trying to get more into contests and thanks to Custom Gallery I am getting informed to the best ones to apply for that are suitable with the time I have left. Let’s face it, it seems like I like being busy and adding more and more activities to myself, which I love but left me with so little time to create.

That’s why when I read the theme “What Mayo Means To Me” Mayo News were bringing into this contest, I had to use this piece I made inspired by a beautiful moment I had at work while I was listening to a Trad Session.

The funny thing of the rules I remember when creating this one (for a challenge on-line before this contest) is that I could not use Music! Well, in my case I need the music almost all the time and specially for making Art so this was a huge challenge for me. That’s why as I had no music I thought about an special moment Music was the protagonist.

This matter is been so intense in Ireland that it was almost a `must` to talk about that in this contest. If you remember in my last post, I had also to add my “Sing” to the other exhibition because Music it’s something that is really close to me all the time.


First time I mount a painting myself!


Winner won’t be announced by the Mayo News until next 14th May. Will you wish me luck? 🙂

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