Maria Mey

Once upon a time in Seville’s Cathedral

Back in 2010, during my 4th year of college I was lucky to be within these walls, even if it was during a warm July in Seville. That experience got me really close of the monument I love the most.

Our duty (my whole class) was to make the Diagnosis of the Cathedral’s wooden Choir, and its Conservation. It was necessary to vacuum and clean the area and also to gather the detached or loose pieces in order to get them back to place.

A month time for that could be a lot but not with a whole Choir. Luckily we were a big group organised by areas to undertake our analysis of the pieces in a correct way. Everything we did had to be written down to keep track of the process and make a final report.

The lost pieces we found around could be put back together where they belonged, but we weren’t always that lucky.

From the top to the bottom we had to do the whole process already told, which took quite a while. But back then is when I realised how much I enjoyed working on scaffolds!! And I’d be the first one to go right on one at any chance!

Lately I had the opportunity to repeat the experience on a new project and that’s why I remembered this lovely first work and wanted to do a bit of throwback.

But I will be talking about the present very soon!

Thanks again for reading! 🙂

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