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The origin of a dream called Artax

Back in 2013 an idea grew in the mind of two very active sisters, educated as artists, who started taking part in several markets in order to get a way of living at that time.

Art and Restoration studies in College was still a reality for both of them, but this way of living of second hand markets leaded to something more artistic and personal called Artax. The reason of that name? I’m getting there:

Even if they started it, right away they considered joining forces with two more people. The next one to join was Inma, who was already involved in local second hand market in the same town as them. She also found her way of creativity through Crochet. And the last one to join was Jose Luis, one of the sister’s partner at the moment, who had his creative way in caricatures, cartoon, and comic drawings mostly.

  • This would explain the name as:  Art x 4 -> Art4x -> ArtAx -> Artax
First Logo for Artax


Being a group of nerds into fantasy movies, we soon thought of the well-known Atreyu’s horse that appears in the epic tale “Never ending Story”. We couldn’t have asked for a better symbol.

For at least two years, this group developed some skills around Crafts, Retail, Marketing, Design, and Business. What it started as a idea of making some pocket money and a way to connect with people and creativity, it led to a company still very active, but in another country.

Night Market in Seville’s summer

How did Artax it got into that? What we used to make to sell?

Our Crafts were from Polymer Clay (sisters), macrame and leather accessories (myself), Customized Hand-painted Clothes (sisters but mostly Helena), and Crochet accessories or the so-called amigurumis (Inma). The fourth person, initially of help in the markets, had to leave the group due to personal reasons.

Seeing the potential of a company with a really innovative idea, the sisters decided to specialise their brand around the most innovative product: Customized Items painted under commission, which were mostly textile shoes. Aside of that, Inma created her own company called Inmagumis, focused on toys, dolls and baby items made out of Crochet. Patterns also designed, translated and sold for people encouraged to make their own.

Inmagumis Logo, by Diasu


At the beginning of 2016, in search of my own personal, professional and artistic path, I decided to leave the country for Ireland. With this decision I left the company entirely to my sister Helena, who took really good care of it, and nurtured it until what it is now: Artax Dreams.

Current Artax Dreams logo, by Diasu


“Sevilla Ficción” Comic Fair

Two years after, she also decided to come to the same town in Ireland, and keep working on this Dream for people around the world.

That’s how a crazy dream of two sisters became a reality for one of them, being part of her identity and source for her Art, Creativity and Creation of a better world for whoever know how to appreciate it. And I am happy to see that every day grows more and more.


Good luck with your project from your proud sister, follow your dreams and keep inspiring us with Artax Dreams!


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