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Wyatt Hotel Art Collection

Hi guys! It’s being quite intese months for me and with the good weather in, the energy goes to getting things done, eating in the sun and enjoying the lovely views as soon as they last. Because, let’s face it. This is Ireland, and tomorrow we could have rain all of the sudden!

But I have been wanting to let you know about the news I had recently. And the first one is my first publication coming in a few weeks! You will say: -“What?”. Ok, I will explain it better.

Origin & Reasons

I came to Ireland and I started learning the language, and in the meanwhile I had to serve people in a lovely hotel called The Wyatt, where I have been working for 2 years and 8 months. Working in a place where you can talk with locals at the same time you enjoy an awesome Art Collection, gives you several chances to take new steps. One of those is making a Catalogue and Inventory of that Collection in order to help costumers to know a bit more about the Art they are watching when they come in.

That’s how this project began. Having experience in the field for years in Spain after graduating I had to offer myself in order to get this opportunity. Luckily the owner was over the moon with this suggestion, so we started in January ’19.

Digital Inventory of the Collection

From the start I needed a professional photographer to help me with this first part, which was to take photos of nearly 100 pieces of art (paintings, prints, sculptures and even murals!). Here Isabel Puy was happy to help and offer her knowledge about Photography. We had to work in the hotel, and most of the paintings had glass so we had to figure a way out in order to get the best shot!

I was happy to be the helper getting all the equipment we could borrow or holding the pieces at the same time I was examining them closely.

Catalogue and Research

After the Photography process, it was time to gather all the information I had from the Old Catalogue, from the owner Noel Kavanagh and from the same artists or somebody expert enough to give me those leads I was missing with some local artists. In this last case I had the honour to get John Mulloy for that, lecturer in Art History and Contemporary Art Theory in the GMIT Mayo, also one of the artist that had an important role in the hotel as a designer and painter of some amazing Murals.

In the research process I got to know so many artists and families than still today I get excited when I see one of them face to face. It’s exciting to start studying so many lives that you get really into their art process and inspiration. Maybe I am getting too emotional but as an artist myself, I was sharing most of the ideas they were telling through their art.

Sadly, it was impossible to reach a few of them. Either they passed away, there were not records of them at all, or simply the signature was impossible to compare in order to get any name. Still, after a 5 months work, I am more than proud of the project I got to make.

Edition and Design
First own design for the front cover and back cover of the Booklet

With the really useful help of an expert in Catalogues for Galleries and the final touch of Marketing, this 36 pages Catalogue or Booklet was printed since last end of June and displayed in the Wyatt Hotel in Westport, Co. Mayo.

Final design after Marketing correction before the publication


Here you have an sneaky peek of the Booklet!

I really appreciate I was given this opportunity to show all my abilities. And the best part is that this project and the people I met, opened new experiences in my professional life. But that will be another post.

Until then! Thanks for reading! ^^


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