My insightful first experience in a shamanic healing and how it felt

Is spiritual therapy the new solution towards a more stable mental health to cure trauma and keep on with your life?

Last Thursday 20th May I went for the first time to a session with a well-known healer Aldo Jordan who works from in Castlebar (Co. Mayo). And the first impression I gathered before and throughout the whole time was «trust». I said for myself «this person knows what he’s about ».

1. Therapy session

But let me tell you a bit about his practice: the session starts as a normal therapy one. You talk with him about your life, past and struggles. All in a super condensed time that gives him ideas for the next step.

2. Journey

In the second step, prior to being asked what kind of journey I saw myself doing, I would be guided into a trance to visit any of the worlds required to give me the answers I am looking for.

In what he considered a special moment he said :»some indigenous people would say that the experiences in the other worlds can be more real than the one we live in. But still, we have to live in this one…». I consider it indeed more natural and everything comes out easily. It can also be more tricky as you get so many symbols that your mind may forget how to decipher.

So, first, you dive into the journey with an intention and a purpose to visit your internal world: either upper world, middle or lower world. My journey this time was to the middle world – a memory or part of my reality that I had to get to.

What is exactly a journey?

We are not doing any kind of time travel here, but we do travel in a sort of limbo time in which you can connect with souls who want to appear to deliver messages you are searching for or needing. Because I must say that you don’t get what you want but what you need and don’t realize until that moment.

Once the voice of the healer gets you back from your mystical conversation, he helps you make your way back to your world and normal consciousness. He brings you back from the trance by slowing the beat on the shamanic drum. I open my eyes, full of tears: silence. Sometimes he uses the silver branch of the druids, a twig with 9 bells, to ground the journeyer at the end. There was no silver branch this time.

We talked about my experience to get answers in the middle world and interpret symbols I cannot understand. The actions, even the animals that come my way to guide me or help me, feel comforting.

3. Healing session

As our senses are a bit touched by drama and shock by the revelations in the journey, the aura needs healing to be as strong as it can be to face the world. Certain sound healings took place along my chakras and he finished with some amazing scents that made me feel refreshed. «Secret ingredients of the Peruvians», he said.

Remember the sacred in the practice

Some things need to stay sacred.

I thought for a second that I could make some of the scents he used to clear the aura, but we cannot take everything and make it our own way just to make or save money. All the sense of healing would be lost.

I felt ashamed when I asked him about the ingredients to see if I could make it myself. Then the magic took effect and I felt my aura cleared of toxic thinking.

The reverence to the sacred lifted monetary thinking and brought good-hearted energy.

Take care of yourself. You are the sanctuary that holds your soul

The warm visit and chat ends with a rose quartz to love that new part of you that is back. Along with it, I received precise instructions about how to take care of my body to be a good sanctuary for all the recovered parts that I lost during disassociating from difficult memories. Now it is time to care for them and myself as we both deserve.

And I finish this lovely story with a quote I learnt from The Artist’s Way:

When we take care of ourselves as precious objects, we become stronger

Julia Cameron: The Artist’s Way

A spiritual healing session is not a magic wand that will erase your problems in a second. On the contrary, there is a lot of self-work to be done, before and after these sessions. And we all go through that in our own way. But if by any chance you feel a loss of guidance, you have tried all conventional sources and did not work on you… of course, I would recommend this practice. Whenever you are ready.



It is a constant path to heal ourselves and to grow up stronger against bad influences and self-sabotage. But that’s where our creativity and mental health care takes place. We can unwind ourselves. Although a healing guide is appreciated, sometimes, we are responsible for our own healing.

We need to slowly wake up…

Have a splendid day, guys! <3

Graphic definition of the Chakras and the jumps into worlds to heal

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