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Of how I manifested love into the universe thanks to my Portraits series for Valentines Day

Aragorn and Arwen portrait is one of my favourite artwork done as part of a Saint Valentine Series from 2017-2018.

I love the Tolkien universe but I never dared to make a finished product like this one. I might have used Tolkien characters from Lord of the Rings to enhance my love for portraits back in college. But it had been a long time since I made those.

Anyway, my main idea was to speak about love in movies. It had been a long time since I broke up with my boyfriend and after passing through a phase of hate-to-all-the-couples I started to adjust to certain movies that had a bit of a romantic side in it. So when this series came as an idea I made it as a way to make peace with that hater part of myself that was against love. Well, it is not that I was looking for it actively but I felt it for friends and it was a starting point to melt my stony heart.

I listed the ones in which couples were brought to each by amazing circumstances, by magic or by providence. The ones I wanted to believe were happening. Other love stories are so unreal that it might be the reason I forbid myself to watch them. They can indeed teach wrong values that do not necessarily happen to ral couples in the real world.

But my favourite movies had something to show, some passion that both the person that encountered each other would be in a way independant. So the relationship wouldn’t be that toxic and dependent.

Let’s put some examples here, shall we?

«You Before Me» (2017)

1. You Before Me

In this movie the main story goes around a girl that gets employed to work for a handicap person. This man in particular is a sour soul that behaves as if he’s lost all hope. He had everything in life like success and money but he still had to know kindness. Maybe he’d be able to live in a different way, being his eyes opened by this “normal” girl he wouldn’t have put his eyes on in his previous life.

«The Time of my Life» (2017)

2. Dirty Dancing

This movie I’ve known since I was a little girl which I’d watch every year. I’ll make a quick plot one for whoever doesn’t know it: She goes on a family trip to a hotel, probably her last one before going to college. He is a hired dance teacher who is trying to improve his life. They both meet in unexpected circumstances and they have to help each other in some way. Through dance they heal dad issues, difficulties in life and wrong assumptions among others.

«You are the one that I want» (2017)

3. Grease

This is the second movie I’d discover being a little girl. Musical, school drama, the duckling kind of tale… come one, I’d love it. And I still do in a way. They are both teenagers that meet on a summer holiday at the beach. They have a great time and at the end of this term they believe their dream has come to an end. Until they see each other in the same school next year! Oh, boy, what a drama of jealousy and pretended manhood in order to keep cool. Fake stereotypes that work in a group until they don’t work anymore if you have to keep the person you really care for.

A great story that goes really quickly while you are singing, dancing or just enjoying the visuals in between 60’s dresses and milkshakes served in pinky dinners. 

«Night in Vienna» (2017)

4. Before Sunrise

This story in three parts was discovered during my time in Ireland. Probably at times when I was prepared to understand all the dense conversation that this couple is holding while walking the streets of Vienna. Do not expect more than amazing topics in between two strangers that meet in a train and decide to spend one day in a limbo in between their busy lives. This strange gesture, really intuitive, could indeed save and change their lives forever!

«A ride in Montmatre» (2018)

5. The fabulous destiny of Amélie Poulain

I am not gonna take anyone saying that this movie is a cliché that became a trend between the hipsters to come to Paris and stay in Montmartre. Apart from the boheme air that this story can have, I love it because it’s pure magic, fresh, full of youth and playfulness. It is a game, a return to childhood practices. A love game to bring charm into the world that lives immersed in desperation and boredom. The music is just class.

«Love, Rosie» (2018)

6. Love, Rosie

During this time I really went after some love movies that this male actor made. I admit it. But from the point of view of someone who doesn’t know much about cinema but chooses by wym, they were originally good. I’ll explain to you why I think that: it defends the friendship love between a man and a woman. A relationship that grows up from childhood, when they really met each other. Time passes by and they grow up, they change, and the others see that. They make mistakes with the people that choose but that might end up opening their eyes to see that no matter where they are in their lives, they need each other in some way. In a way that makes them feel grounded, to bring them back to the time they were original, when they were children and fearless.

«P.S. Guess What?» (2018)

7. P. S. I love you

Some people might say that this movie shows a dependent woman living through her husband’s letters. It is not. She is a woman trying to heal after an abrupt separation for natural causes. Sometimes we can get involved into a vortex of love that the person gives us, so much that we might lose our way.

They could have been trying to make up for their lives as they were, unexpected and perfect in an imperfect way. But they were happy if they didn’t choose to listen to others opinions. But the circumstances change and Holly needs to take small steps towards a life on her own, a recovery of her dreams that were lost in the way before she met Gerry. If you ask me, this guy could make me lose my head too… It is a story of gratefulness into the small moments and nostalgia for a past that was full. It shows that the path continues, with good friends & family and framed into a beautiful green Ireland.

«My heart will go on» (2018)

8. Titanic

I used to like it more when I was a child and despite leaving “Moulin Rouge” behind due to problems in the portraits, this movie reminded me of my teens. Rose was a strong woman secluded in a marriage that was keeping her small. She was unhappy and lacked passion in life. The moment that she met Jack, she was about to kill herself. They both start a friendly close relationship while travelling on the Titanic in which he teaches her “bad manners” and enjoyment through irish dance and party. There is an intense moment of Art making in which he is making her as pure as she is. She is seen differently through his eyes and that gives her the value she needs to be brave and go on living. 

«Hold me» (2018)

9. Edward Scissorhands

How can I describe this movie better than saying that it is about a strange person made with lost feelings that meets a lost girl when he is adopted to live in her family. This story talks about welcoming the freaks that might look scary at first. But they are no more than scared people, like abandoned animals to die.

This movie talks about integration of different people into the community because even they can make a great change into the general mood. Acceptance and tolerance are important values that some of us have forgotten. And they make a difference to us as human beings and part of Nature. So if you didn’t see this movie I would recommend it to you in order to melt your heart a bit. Come on, Johnny Deep cannot be more cute in this role. I’m so glad I met him through this lovely tale.

«If you trust nothing else, trust us» (2018)

10. Lord of the Rings (the two towers)

Despite the fact that I love with all my heart the whole trilogy I admit that the second part has so much juice for me to take. One of the moments is this one I portrayed: Aragorn gets visited by Arwen in a dream when he is in despair after losing a small battle. She holds the present of immortality she gave to him and reminds him that hope is the way to keep going forward, against the enemy that might look impossible to defeat.

He has a long way to go and she reminds him of his strength. What can I tell you guys? This is a perfect relationship in which she is strong and believer by herself, and he has her when he is lost in order to keep on fighting for what is fair in the Middle World, for his destiny as a king. The fact that she decides to give away her immortality speaks about the fact that she says: I’d rather share a lifetime with you than face all the ages of this world alone. And as an important detail they also grew up together so their friendship starts in a good and pure place.

Am I too biased by my current love life? Couldn’t be so. But it is hard not to realise now that I was constantly putting the morals I longed for out there for the universe to hear me and respond.

After years of refrection I’d like to think so: despite my active actions in life, my passive morals were reminding my subconscious what I should look for in my life. 

For that reason now I can say that I’d advise you to start listening to them sooner than later.

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