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About the experience #createwithmey live art sessions

A few months have passed since I finished this experience that started in March and continued until May. But time was neede to gather some wisdom I got from the experience.

What I loved and what I have to learn for next time

I just realized that I never reflected about a sudden idea I had that gave me so many sweet and a few sour moments. This idea being that I wanted to connect better with friends and family in a way that I can communicate my way.

We talk different languages according to the way we behave and act in life. Days before I got a message from friends_ and the universe through them_ that I needed to connect with them more. I was getting too inwards with my art in a way that I’d lose them if I’d keep going like that. Call it workaholic if you want.

So after hours of thinking, I had an idea. As I couldn’t naturally connect with them in their way, I just needed to find an easy link to make creativitymore accessible to them. This way I wouldn,t listen anymore to things like «I wish I was creative like you» or «I could just draw a stickman and that’s about it».

Bullshit, excuse my language. But it’s true. And after reading several books about the theme I can come to one term:

Creativity is a tool for all to help us cope

Creativity is a tool for all to use. Even if you don’t consider it as a job for you, being creative in any way is a part of us as creatures of Nature. You just need to re-discover it. No matter the quality of your result because of the doing and what experience can give you _once you get rid of the external cricit voices_ it’s what really matters!

Being in the flow is being part of the creation. The unknown that guides you to your better sense. That grounds you back to your real being. It is a meditative practice while you have fun.

This idea crossed my head as a way to work together through the last 2 months of a heavy quarantine in Ireland for some of us.

Things I loved and realized with the experience:

So I did it and it felt great! My fears of the camera and talking in public vanished the first day. Maybe the second I wasn’t in my best moment for real tiredness but I showed up for my art and people.

1st week’s sketch: Fountain

And even if I got 5 people painting for me, that showed that there was a minimum interest. I could connect with those who wanted to have a calming time with me and get out of their comfort zone. Because, guess what! I was doing the same with them!

We went through the use of different techniques to paint a fountain, a hobby that we wanted to nurture, a flower to welcome Spring and to end we used a colour to work on our favourite landscape.

Now that I can think it through I can say that we went from small details of an object in place to a whole missed place to go, passing through dreams and rejoicing about the nature around us. That’ s powerful!

We were indeed healing together through Art! I’m so glad I was part of that even if I was focused on teaching things instead of creating with the music as the background. Some people just watch, and that’s ok too. We are all at different levels of the story.

I got to connect with old friends or acquaintances I met in college, which is my real present here. And I also got to connect a family for an hour to paint together and have fun and relaxing time.

What I wish I had prepared better and need to chance for next time

I tried to go all at once on two social media platforms, Instagram being my main one. So the first day, of course, I could not make it work so that I’d connect with more people.

3rd week’s sketch: Flower

There were friends in that area that wanted to join but at not being possible that time I lost them. There were others which the time and day I chose would not go with their schedule. And that’ s ok too.

I was doing a day that went ok for me, that let me go back to art after a busy week and I got the people that could join me.

Next time I’d try another platform, maybe another day. But now it’s time to retreat and learn by myself.

It can be really exhausting and challenging to be thinking about things to say, in which language, in order to attract people to not leave. This game of attention tricks you to think that if you have no many followers you are boring. But I continue thinking that it’s not that. Just that I did not find my niche yet. Let’s give it time and work.

Small victories are easier to handle and I learn from them rather than dealing with lots of people with different proposals that I don’t follow.

A small community of people genuinely interested is more of my taste than having numbers that don’t matter in real connection.

If I can help just one soul- as aunt Lydia would say- that will make my path worthy.

What will be my next approach to the live sessions?

The idea that created the first one is already done so I need to create a new purpose for the next one: For example, so far I’m collecting experiences I learned in college that can help people as therapy sessions for lost souls.

4th and last week’s sketch as example

I’d follow my belief once I finish my recovery path (TAW) that we all need to learn and share with each other. And also that creativity is the spiritual and rebellious path to stay sane in this insane world that we all share.

It is more general and trascendental, not as precise, but I guess you get my point, no?

That needs more preparation… Until one day all of the sudden I miss it so much that I’ll just connect to say hi. And then I’ll paint my thing while I hope to be accompanied painting similar topics.

For me, Life it’s a bit of planning and a bit of just letting your gut decide.

The only thing I know now is that my path is to finish some personal stuff and learning before I can share it away.

Let’s take a reset and see you very soon!

Last drawing: Landscape in green-ish tones, given away

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