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Why I changed a career in Conservation-Restoration to focus on Natural Health

The while that took me to come back, so many things changed. One of the main happenings is this one:

I am saying «see you later» to Restoration and Conservation to follow another path, again.

Even though the knowledge prevails I felt as if my path was bringing me in another direction. I believe that sometimes, even trying hard, your life never goes as planned. Or maybe there is something that feels off, i.e. a bit forced.

Whatever it is I asked the wise ones, and along with my intuition I thought: it’s time to leave it behind as an active part of you. In the meantime, active life stopped. So I took the chances to go on regular walks, watching clearly and in detail the plants around me: The shapes and colour they had, how quickly they changed within the season. 

How and idea became an inspiration looking at others ahead

Close people were planting herbs, flowers and plants in their garden. In my case, I took a step back: instead of killing more herbs from the supermarket, I prefered to focus on foraging wild plants.

I ended up doing Herbalism courses about local Irish plants and its benefits. I also moved into making more of my cosmetics at home to go natural and handcrafted.

My point here is that instead of banging my head against the wall I prefered to walk a new path, one that kept me interested and not anxious. In other circumstances I wouldn’t have minded the constant learning but I guess it didn’t click in that way.

I decided to recycle myself again

The reason I get from this is that this knowledge could help people now, instead of working with belongings. Health was more important for me than possessions, in these moments something secondary. I don’t mean bad to the professionals in this realm but as I said: for me something was off. My options weren’t the best and other paths became brighter. I wanted to discover my world through my surroundings, understanding the real reason I never left this country. Trying to get into the magic that makes so many people come back with no clear explanation.

What happens now?

I am working on many things but I am glad to say that magic comes in every day to who knows where to look for inspiration. And maybe that’s the reason I did not want to leave this country yet. 

The experience of beauty has for the most part a particular force. There are times when beauty is shy and hesitates until it can trust the worthiness of the beholder.

John O’Donohue: «Divine Beauty».

Details on my work at the moment

For the moment I focus on my Art in many ways. But I started my own company of handcrafted cosmetics, specially body soap. 

Although the details of that will be revealed in another post. <3

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