New Fresh Start


That is the main reason I moved to this magical country that is Ireland. And it is time to keep reinventing everything around me, all I create and use as a way of expresing myself. It was time to work on this blog that I left a bit unnatended to focus on other matters.

Now, welcome to this new Portfolio and Art Gallery around the work I focus on right now. You will see a more honest “myself”, with nothing to hide (well, do not take it literally). But what I mean by that is that difficult times frame us and it is nonsense to pretend being somebody we are not. I believe this unexpected times are giving to people the chance to awake, showing their most authentic and vulnerable self. That is what I search for on this site: an unique and authentic “myself”.

I hope you like the new fresh start of this place, otherwise, well, I am grateful to have had you around.

Enjoy the journey. The adventure. The process.


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