This is the story of a girl from Seville (Spain) who studied Fine Arts and specialized in Conservation – Restoration of Heritage. In search of new experiences, I moved to Ireland back in 2016.

This beautiful country became my home and source of inspiration after college. I re-discovered myself through my passion for Art.

Having a past of Design and Crafts thanks to a company I created with my sister in Spain, once settled in Ireland I chose to focus mainly on Creation through Traditional Art, and Care and Research though Conservation – Restauration.

However, in my spare time I would nurture my passion for DIY, Macramé and Tattoo Design as the third path of my Creation World.

Like the two sides of a brain, Art and Design gives me calm and help me out to express what I experience with intensity. The other side, the rational, would cover my love and admiration for History of Art and Culture.

And as a mixture of both sides, from 2018 I focused in a more sustainable way of living, which connects me with creative ways to make my own products and to protect what I already have. Everything that works for me will have an use  for the community. And my purpose is to share my experience.

This creative way of living makes me a very active person with lots of curiosity towards creation. If it can be made I will challenge myself for the sense fulfillment.

Now that you know my story, I welcome you to my personal space. Enjoy the jorney and do not hesite to contact me if you require any of my services.

Kind Regards.