Originally from Seville (Spain), María M Mayorga studied Fine Arts and specialized in Conservation – Restoration of Heritage. In search of new experiences, she moved to Ireland back in 2016.

This country became home to her and gave her the sources of inspiration needed to fall in love again with creation. Nature spoke to her the ways to translate the message through landscapes. But she also was in a need to understand her own nature, so by making portraits she started to study her misteries and people’s around her.

Her work is important in a way that creates a nicer environment, a self-reflexion of the society that frame her experience. And, of course, a bit of magic coming from a place of playfulness and nostalgia.

The Care for Culture through C+R is just another path on her various ways to safeguard the things she loves.

Her artwork focus mainly on a realistic view of Nature and People with a dreamy finish added to it. 

Following this way into simple living she can use her spare time to experiment with Crafts and Design in order to make her reality a better place for her and anybody. There is magic in the small things and she seems determined to share that view fully.